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We've got you covered with our
Covid Testing in Birmingham, AL

We've got you
covered with our
Covid Testing in
Birmingham, AL


First Covid-19 Official Travel Partners In Birmingham, Al

Here at US Travel Lab, we aim to provide you with reliable and convenient covid testing services without compromising the quality of care you receive. With the RT PCR tests in Birmingham, AL, we boost unparalleled services and satisfaction. 

Our team of dedicated specialists combined with our state-of-the-art equipment ensures that you get fast and accurate results for all your screenings either it be RT PCR test or Antigen Test. We provide a comfortable experience for PCR test in Birmingham, Al. So, whether you’ve been looking up RT PCR Test near me or searching for antibody testing in Birmingham, AL, we have got you covered!

Certified and Safe RT-PCR Test In Birmingham, AL

We offer EUA / FDA authorized COVID-19 viral RT-PCR and antigen testing in Birmingham, Al to ensure your safety and good health. Whether it is a workplace or travel requirement, or you need either an antigen test or an RT-PCR for certificated proof, US Travel Lab is the place to get the same day covid test in Birmingham.

Given the everlasting concern surrounding the active spread of the pandemic, we take numerous precautions to make the covid RT PCR testing process as safe as possible for all those involved. Your safety is our priority at all times!

COVID-19 Testing Types

Travel RT-PCR Test

Receive high-quality and efficient Covid testing solutions at our FDA-certified location for PCR tests in Birmingham, AL.

Travel Rapid Antigen Test

Get quick, convenient, and effective Covid-19 testing solutions for traveling with our Rapid Antigen Test in Birmingham, AL.

Same Day RT-PCR Test

Get accurate testing results whether you are symptomatic or asymptotic through our reliable same-day RT-PCR test in Birmingham.

Consult Your Healthcare Provider

Although it is not a necessary prerequisite, we advise that you consult your healthcare provider before opting for a Rapid Antigen or PCR test in Birmingham, AL. The confirmation can aid us in:

  • Billing your insurance
  • Help you decide which test is best suited for you
  • Establish whether you require other diagnostic testing services.

Test results can take anywhere from half an hour to a few days, depending on the type of test chosen. We would further advise that you discuss your results with your chosen healthcare provider for appropriate treatment options, whether it is Covid-19 or not. It can help you avoid spreading the virus and improve the quality of care you get by keeping yourself well-informed on your own condition.

Once You’ve Been Tested For RT-PCR Test

Whether you pick rapid antigen or PCR test in Birmingham, once you have been tested, we advise that you head home and start self-isolating as soon as possible, even if your results have not arrived yet. Remain isolated till you receive the results and choose to confer with your healthcare specialist accordingly. It is strongly recommended that you do not go anywhere but home after testing to minimize the spread in case you are covid-19 positive. If you start to feel too unwell, we suggest visiting a hospital where you can inform them of your impending results, and the staff can treat and isolate you as per their facility’s policy. Usually, home isolation is enough, but it can be discontinued depending on the severity of the case.

Guaranteed On Time Results !

We offer same day PCR Testing among Antigen Test & other Travel COVID-19 Tests.

Work and Quarantine

Suppose you have tested positive for covid or have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive through screenings like the PCR test in Birmingham, AL. In that case, we recommend that your self-quarantine in your house for an appropriate time before you return to your office space. Most of all, ensure that you have not had a fluctuating or high fever for over 24 hours without the aid of fever-reducing medication before going back to work. No repeat tests are required to verify the end of the self-isolation period. Generally, employers do not require any additional documents other than your quarantine information before allowing you to come back to the office for work.

Are You at Higher Risk of Covid-19?

If you are further along in age or have a chronic and serious medical condition like heart or lung disease or diabetes, the risk of a Covid-19 infection causing a harmful impact on your health is substantially greater. It is imperative to your good health that you avoid contracting the virus at all costs.

We suggest that you ensure to follow social distancing guidelines, keep minimal contact, steer clear of crowded areas, avoid non-essential travel, stock up on essential supplies, and stay home as much as possible. And if you suspect that you’ve encountered the virus already, get in touch with your medical health practitioner and get a PCR test in Birmingham, AL.

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Guaranteed On Time Results!

We offer Real Time PCR Testing in Birmingham among Rapid Antigen Test & other Travel COVID-19 Tests.